Duckies 2016 Call for Nominations

Tis that time of year.   As we discuss on the Duckies page, tDuckie winnershe Online Media Caucus is taking over the awarding of the Online Achievement in International Studies Awards, a.k.a. the Duckies!  For the details and descriptions of each category, see the Duckies page.   The categories for which we need nominations are:

  • The Best Group Blog
    • This category will be divided into those collectives that have attached to media outlets/having managing editors/or otherwise are professionalized and those that lack these attributes.  We will sort the nominations if the nominators do not.
  • The Best Individual Blog
  • The Best Post prize is awarded for a single post in 2015.  This post can be a blog post, a tweet, a tumblr entry, etc.
  • The Best Twitter Account
  • The Best Podcast
  • The Best Visual Post.  This can be a youtube video or account, an instragram post, a vine, etc.
  • The Most Promising New Online Media Outlet (Group or Individual)
  • The Best Online Contribution to Teaching International Studies
  • The Best Online Contribution to Researching International Studies

In all of these categories, we want nominations of the best international studies research/teaching/engagement that has been online in some form in 2015.

Please send email your nominations (please include the link to the nominated account/blog/account) to

We will take the nominations until January 7th, organize them and then post a survey here in mid-January so that people can vote on the nominations.  The top three nominations in each category will then be evaluated by the last year’s winners and the officers of the OMC who will then vote to select the winners. As always, the Duckies and the associated reception will be sponsored by SAGE.






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