Duckies 2016 Finalists

We received more than 26o responses to help narrow down the nominations to three (two categories had ties so they go beyond three) in each category for the 2016 Awards for Online cmc-viking-toy-duck_listinglargeAchievement in International Studies.

You can see the Duckies being awarded at the OMC reception at the ISA in March, co-sponsored by SAGE, Wednesday, March 16th, 7:30 PM, 206, Hilton Atlanta

Also, please do attend the Online Media Caucus Business Meeting, Wednesday March 16th, 12:30 PM, 208, Hilton Atlanta.

One last item before we get to the short list: we still have not received many nominations for officers for the Online Media Caucus.  Please send them to  Thanks.

With no further ado:

 Collective Blog:

Duck of Minerva
Monkey Cage
Progress in Political Economy (PPE)

Individual Blog

Chris Blattman
Dart Throwing Chimp
Political Science Replication

Post of the Year (three tied for third, so we have five choices):

Want to help the Islamic State recruit? Treat all Muslims as potential terrorists.
New Evidence on Gender Bias
Violent Non-State Actors and Complementary Governance: What ISIS, Hizballah, FARC Have in Common
An Editor’s Thoughts on the Peer Review Process
Cult of the Phd

Twitter Account

Erin Simpson
Adam Elkus
Micah Zenko

Visual Post (tie for third place):

The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes

How Large Europe’s Refugee Crisis Really Is

#ISA2015 As It happened on twitter


Foreign Entanglements
Jihadology podcast

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